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                            1. New Books...

                              • Cover image for Adult Minority Language Learning
                              • Cover image for Language Education in a Changing World
                              • Cover image for Language Teacher Recognition
                              • Cover image for The Dynamics of Language and Inequality in Education
                              • Cover image for Learning and Not Learning in the Heritage Language Classroom
                              • Cover image for Duoethnography in English Language Teaching

                              Adult Minority Language Learning Motivation, Identity and Target Variety

                              Author: Colin J. Flynn | Hardback | 9781788927031

                              This book examines the role of affective variables in the process of learning a minority language. It presents a comprehensive account of how adult learners’ attitude, motivation and identity are related to their awareness of, and commitment to, different dialects and varieties as target speech models.…
                              • Price: £109.95
                              • Price: $149.95
                              • Price: €134.95
                              • More info…

                              Language Education in a Changing World Challenges and Opportunities

                              Author: Rod Bolitho, Richard Rossner | Paperback | 9781788927840

                              This book considers the importance of language education in a rapidly changing world. The authors look at language education from different perspectives: the teaching and learning of foreign or second languages; the role of literacy, oracy and language across the curriculum; the part played by different stakeholders in educational policy…

                              Language Teacher Recognition Narratives of Filipino English Teachers in Japan

                              Author: Alison Stewart | Hardback | 9781788927895

                              This book presents the career narratives of an under-researched group of teachers: immigrant Filipino teachers of English working mainly with young and very young learners in Japan. It provides a nuanced and revealing critique of poststructuralist views of identity and proposes recognition theories as an alternative perspective.…

                              The Dynamics of Language and Inequality in Education Social and Symbolic Boundaries in the Global South

                              Edited by: Joel Austin Windle, Dánie de Jesus, Lesley Bartlett | Paperback | 9781788926935

                              This book contributes new perspectives from the Global South on the ways in which linguistic and discursive boundaries shape inequalities in educational contexts, ranging from Amazonian missions to Mongolian universities. Through critical ethnographic and sociolinguistic analysis, the chapters explore how such boundaries contribute to th…

                              Learning and Not Learning in the Heritage Language Classroom Engaging Mexican-Origin Students

                              Author: Kimberly Adilia Helmer | Paperback | 9781788927628

                              <em>Learning and Not Learning in the Heritage Language Classroom</em>, a critical ethnography, describes the first year of a teacher-founded charter high school and presents a case-study of compulsory Spanish heritage language instruction with two Spanish-language teachers, one English dominant and the other Spanish domin…

                              Duoethnography in English Language Teaching Research, Reflection and Classroom Application

                              Edited by: Robert J. Lowe, Luke Lawrence | Paperback | 9781788927178

                              This book sets out duoethnography as a method of research, reflective practice and as a pedagogical approach in English Language Teaching (ELT). The book provides an introduction to the history of duoethnography and lays out its theoretical foundations.…

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